The National Institute for Financial Education offers detailed information about the latest interpersonal counseling techniques, effective debt management procedures, and important issues concerning personal credit and consumer protection legislation. Our self-study manual presents answers to questions about communication, learning styles, credit issues, debt collection, consequences of an unpaid debt and "life after debt" (budgeting) in an easy-to-read text that flows naturally through the process of debt management.
                                          To Enroll
Enrollment in our accredited program begins by completing the Study Guide Request Form. Include check or money order for the number of manuals needed.

Next, complete the Request for Examination Form to schedule for the certification examination, this form will be included with the Study-Guide Manual. Make arrangements with a testing facility in your area. You may contact a local college or visit http://testing.byu.edu/ncta/consortium/find.asp ,or if you prefer, we offer proctoring and test site coordination. The examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions that relate directly to the information covered in the self-study manual. Seventy percent of the questions must be answered correctly to pass and receive certification. You will receive notification of test results within ten working days from the date of the test.

We are interested in working with the potential credit counselor in assessing what they know as opposed to a negative approach which tries to find out what the potential counselor doesn't know. Our curriculum is a realistic approach toward the accomplishment of the National Institute for Financial Education of America over-all goals.